updated 10/11/14 - see last text box and photo

There is hardly any space to change a headlamp bulb. The headlamp assembly can be moved to make space or it can be removed from the car entirely. Here's how.

The headlamp assembly is fastened to the car with 3 bolts 10mm hexagon head and these need to be removed. The left hand bolt is below the level of the other two.


When these bolts are removed, the assembly is still held in place by lugs along the bottom of the assembly which locate in slots in the bodywork below the headlamp. Also the left hand edge of the headlamp is held by the front grille which has to be eased away to release it. To do this, 3 more fasteners must be removed:
The headlight module doesn't release easily and has to be gently jiggled. The top of the assembly comes away much more easily than the bottom. It helps to try to lift the assembly vertically a bit by easing fingers under the bottom of the headlamp to lift the lugs from the slots. Continued jiggling, and easing of the top left bodywork eventually releases the headlamp assembly. Just keep at it gently until it comes away. If you're not going to remove it from the car you need to support it somehow. I used the top of some short aluminium steps.

There's some space to change the bulb at this stage but it's an easy matter to remove the headlight assembly completely from the car by uncoupling the electrical connector. There's a ridged locking tab which when pressed down allows the connector to be removed.


This shows the whole assembly sitting upside down. The headlamp bulb is removed by unlocking the large circular access cover - turn anticlockwise to unlock.

When this is removed, you have access to the headlight and sidelight bulbs:


There's a standard wire clip to release and then the headlamp bulb can be removed. Don't touch the glass of a new bulb or you'll shorten the bulb's life drastically.

Re-assembly is the reverse of disassembly. Re-connect the electrical socket while there's still space to do it. You'll almost certainly have the same sort of trouble properly locating the assembly before it will slot back into place. Basically, the bottom lugs don't want to locate back into the slots. You know you need to lift the headlight unit but there's not enough space at the top to do it. A prolonged bit of jiggling while easing the left hand side bodywork will eventually do the trick. I guess if you've done a fair amount of headlamp removal, you'll have found the right way to line it up to slot back in place straight away.

Ian McLauchlin 10/11/13

NOTE ADDED LATER (10/11/14):

Jacob Hassing has kindly provided some feedback and a photo. He found that it was necessary to remove FOUR bolts to free the headlamp assembly. Maybe a slightly different version for a different market.